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Shooters Selected for 66th NATIONAL SHOOTING CHAMPIONSHIP Competition (NSCC) from Shooting Chanmps Academy Lucknow

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Shooting Champs Academy based in Lucknow, the City of Nawabs. Run by Mr. Manvendra Prasad (Secretary) and Mr. Banarsi Prasad (Chairman), it gears up for the highly anticipated 0755 India Open Competition Air Weapons, August 2023, held at MP Shooting Range, Bhopal. A wave of excitement and anticipation surrounds the qualified athletes.

10 meter pistol shooters:Neelkantha Bhardwaj, Karanveer Singh, Ekta, Anushree Jalan, Chhama Jalan, Aditya Saurabh, Yash Tyagi, Yashasvi Yadav, and Rishabh Chauhan
10 meter rifle shooters:,Abhay Singh Yadav, Rahul Chaurasiya, Ranendra Aditiya Parihar, Satya Singh Kushwaha, Arihant P. Singh, Aadya Baiswar, Satyam Pandey, Deekshanshu Sheel, Kalyani Padam Singh, Md. Anas Khan, and Sumant Maurya,These athletes will be representing our region in the 66th National Shooting Championship Competition (NSCC).We would like to thank Mrs. APARNA KUMAR IPS, INSPECTOR GERNAL OF POLICE, UTTAR PRADESH (PAC Lucknow), for boosting the spirit of our athletes as well as the coaches by mentoring them and giving good wishes, aswell Mr. Manvendra Prasad (coach and international medalist) and Miss Ekta (team leader) were  honored  by memento (Armed Pradeshk Police Constabulary Uttar Pradesh), rifle shooter Kalyani Padam Singh won 2 gold and 2 silver medals, Satyam Pandey (deaf and dumbcategory) won a gold and bronze medal, and AaydaBaiswar won a bronze medal in the 46th Upstate 23.

Neelkantha Bhardwaj, a young CMS student and an awesome pistol shooter, performed in the 0755 Shooting Championship held at MP Shooting Range, Bhopal. He took up the shooting sport just a year ago and performed well in state-level and pre-state-level competitions earlier. He was training under the guidance of renowned international shooting medalist and coach Mr. Manvendra Prasad and team leader Miss Ekta in Lucknow. Neelkantha said, “I am grateful to my coach and team leader for mentoring me and fine-tuning my techniques, and to my parents for motivating me to pursue shooting. I want to train hard and try to achieve a score that will get me selected for the Indian Team Trials.”
Each athlete brings a unique talent and spirit to the game. Their success is proof of their unwavering commitment to excellence and hard work. Also, the support they receive from the coaches, their families, and fans The 2023 National Games are not only an opportunity for our athletes to showcase their skills but also a chance for our community to rally behind them. Their performances will undoubtedly unite us and remind us of the power of sports to inspire, uplift, and bring people together.

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